Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bad start to the week............

Decided to lay Man United pre match, to be honest wanted to back Spurs but thought this was the safest option.

Cue a good start for Spurs, then out of the blue 1-0 Man United.

Ok, we are in a mess, what do we do now?

Most sane people who like to preserve their bank would probably red out and take the loss like a man.

Not this idiot (Who by the way is aching like nothing else after 2 days of stripping wallpaper that appears to have been put up with super glue), I decide to lay them again !#*! so we are now looking at a nice profit on anything but a Man United win, thought there was bound to be an equaliser at some point.

Cue 2-0 Man Untied and game over. How Spurs put 9 past Wigan I'll never know.

Got the feeling this is going to be a long, hard week.

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