Wednesday, 30 December 2009


I've dropped a few quid on the Darts and Football up to this point, but made a few quid on the Horses. About £80 down at the moment overall.

Really looking forward to the Darts tonight, think there is money to be made (or lost) on all three games.

Well Done England in the Cricket. Was tempted to lay the draw at about 1.5ish but decided not to in the end. My loss.

The Football loss was down to Newcastle. Backed them at half time against Derby. They may be a team to oppose in the coming weeks I think.

Wife going out tonight so should be a decent chance to play when the kids are in bed. Bring it on.

Initial thoughts are Arsenal may struggle and Ronnie Baxter is too short. Hopefully be back later with some more.

Good Luck.

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