Monday, 21 December 2009

Week Ending Sunday 20th December 2009

Well where do I start?

What was looking like a decent week, ruined by a chase bet of the highest order which went wrong in the worst way possible (Sound Familiar?)

Cricket went well. Traded the game fairly well for me and didn't leave myself exposed at the crucial point. What a game it was in the end. Fair play to Collingwood and Onions, the only two towards the end who didn't look like rabbits caught in headlights.

As most of you may know Betfair went down for a while yesterday during the game, luckily for me I didn't have an exposed position at the time. God only knows what would have happened if SA had of gone on to win the game with Betfair still down. There would have been Carnage.

The Football was a disaster throughout the week. The only decent call I made was a Lay of Chelsea and even then I ruined my position expecting them to come back after going a goal down. By the end of the game all of my green was on Chelsea.

The horses were steady. Nothing spectacular.

On to the NFL and where the real damage was done. I really fancied the Titans to get the better of the Dolphins in the early game on Sky. So much so that I had a large bet for me on the Titans -4.5, fully intending to green up when the opportunity arose. Well there were lots of opportunities to green up but I took none of them, then Miami proceeded to come back from what looked like a hopeless position. Fair play to them.

Then it was me who was acting like a rabbit in the headlights, unwilling to accept a smaller Green position because I thought the prices were wrong and the liquidity was poor.

This is one of the key reasons I started writing this blog, to stop me having these moments. It hasn't worked yet ;-)

Anyway on to the numbers themselves and they don't make pretty reading...............

We are back in to loss overall, painful but deserved.

Hope you all had a better Sunday than me and let's see what we can do about it over Christmas. Posting may be sporadic for the next couple of weeks due to the Festivities but rest assured I'll be beavering away in the background when the opportunities arise ;-)

Good Luck

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