Saturday, 12 December 2009

Work to do

Managed to recover some of the Horse Racing Losses yesterday, but still well behind for the week at the moment...........

Tempted by a few bets today;

Higgins to beat O'Sullivan in the Snooker, may well trade this one in play however.

Ernie Els to win the Golf, again may trade this a bit later on.

India to win the 2nd T20 v Sri Lanka. Be nice to trade some day time cricket, I don't really like getting involved in the overnight stuff.

Stoke to beat Wigan and laying Man United against Villa (Can I finally call a Man United game right?)

Also got some horses picked out for today, not going to post them though, as my record on them is rubbish.

Got a feeling today is going to be a BIG day one way or another...............

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