Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Close but no cigar...........

As mentioned on the Blog last night, thought Bristol City offered a bit of value to beat Cardiff (I really should start charging for these tips)

There's nothing like a bit of value, the problem is you can't eat it, BANG! 0-6 Final Score. I feel this has taken my Punting to a whole new level.....................

Just to compund it, then decided to have a few quid on Liverpool In Play. BANG! 0-0. If I place one more bet on these overpaid bunch of wasters please feel free to SHOOT ME! It appears that Gerard has decided he is on the plane to South Africa already and has no need to try for the rest of the season, god forbid he might get injured yet again. The rest of them without Torres and Benayoun may as well not bother turning up. As for Aquilani, if Rafa the Joker had wanted to spend £20 million on someone to warm the bench because he is too fragile to play, he should have phoned me. I would have done it for a fraction of the cost. I really don't know what is going on behind the scenes but hopefully it all gets sorted this season.

I'm sure most of you know him already, but there is a character called 'Money Tree' on the Betfair forums, always had a chuckle at him to be fair, doesn't take himself too seriously, doesn't have a great record. In a head to head against me, I'd have him @ 1.01 at the moment.

I'm really tempted to lump on Man United tonight as I really want them to go out, but I can't do it. I have decided that unless every Man United fan who reads this Blog sends me £100 before 7.30 I am going to lump on!

Anyway back to being serious for a minute and I've got a few Golfers I want to back pre kick off in Quatar, I'll be back later to post them up so you can lay them to the hilt!

By the way Talkbet I fancy Everton too........................

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