Sunday, 3 January 2010


I've laid the Power big here, COME ON THE WIZARD !

Edit 1-1 This bet is riding...................

Edit 2-2 This Aussie has got bottle. going to let it ride for a bit longer. What a game.

Edit 5-2 Taylor, the man is a genius. Sid Waddell however is the most annoying commentator on TV, he seems to think he knows where every Dart is going, what a plank. Fair play to the Wizard he's done more than the other bottle merchants.

Edit 6-3 Surely not, laid a chunk of Taylor at 1.02 for a laugh.

Edit 7-3 Fair Play Taylor. Great Match. Sky have got to get rid of Waddell though. His best days are behind him. Don't think Whitlock will be 80's next year somehow.

Good Call all of you Power backers.

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