Sunday, 10 October 2010

Long Time no Post

Well, what's been going on in the land of Sports Punter? Not a lot to be honest.

Belated Cogratulations to Europe for winning back the Ryder Cup. Really enjoyed the Monday Singles even though they cost me a few quid. I backed Rory, Lee and Kaymer so dropped a few quid there.

Had a good week on the Horses so far though, a couple of Hundred in front. Apart form that though nothing has been worthy of a Punt for me.

Been winning a few Tickets on the Poker, so should be playing a few decent Tourneys over the next week or so. A big cash someone along the line would be nice.

I'll update the P&L for October when I get today out of the way.

I've laid Kaymer and Parry in the Alfred Dunhill so far, but will trade this later on.

God I hate the International Break Football Weekends.

Oh and just lastly as some of you probably know I follow Liverpool, what the fook is going on there at the moment?


  1. Can you give me a ring on 011898-845 or 07810-105157 re: lunch in The Elephant Pangbourne next week, either Thursday or Friday about 12.30pm.

    The Gambler.

  2. Hi JT.

    Sorry mate things have been hectic, forgot to phone you.

    Will phone you tomorrow afternoon definitely.