Monday, 17 January 2011

RIP Betfair Poker

Luckily for me I got turfed off the site a while back in a Poker and Forum Posting capacity.

Must admit I tried to get my Poker Account re-instated on Friday but was met with the usual crap from their supposed Customer Service people.

Looks like they did me a favour looking at all the ongoing problems at the moment. Anyone want a bet as to how long it is before they remove the Poker from the site permanently?

Following on from the Casino fiasco I can only imagine this is another nail in the coffin to be honest. Such a shame. Why don't they just bring back the guys who used to run it? If they don't do something soon they are going to alienate every Customer they have.

Betfair Poker Forum

I know it sounds like I am just bashing them again here on the back of the Valuation Posts, but honestly, I just wish they would get their house in order and quickly.

What was the excuse for the poor figures recently? Infrastructure Investment? Are they upgrading to Sinclair Spectrums or something.

Anyway back to Full Tilt and they have had problems too. I was playing a lot of the Steps Tournaments and getting off at Step 3 and 4 via the Matrix Tournaments they have. Not any more as they have removed them due to an issue or something. Pain in the ass to be honest as I have 2 x Step 3 tickets and 1 x Step 4 ticket in my Account which are worth about $125 and no low variance way of using them. Wouldn't be a problem but I've only got about $70 in cash in there presently.

Annoyed with myself on the Sports Betting front as despite flagging up my fancy for the Jets previously I've not got a penny on them and the price has now gone.

Might take a little break from the Sports Betting for a while until I can justify reloading with at least £100. That way I can get back to Trading as opposed to just gambling with small amounts.

Hope you are all well and apologies if you don't like Metallica, you can blame Cran and copious amounts of Alcohol...................