Sunday, 23 January 2011


Well the kids are off out to a party this afternoon and I've got about £25 in my Betfair Account. Reckon it's about time I turned that in to a couple of hundred. I know bust by 15.00 but we can dream eh!

Can't let yesterday go without a mention though first, Wolves 0-3 Liverpool - What can I say? Shocking pitch, not a great game, but a strangely effective performance. Really looked like they were up for it, especially Torres. Is that light I can see at the end of the tunnel? Probably not, just a train I expect, but you never know. Could Suarez be the last bit of the Jigsaw? Must be the largest fecking Jigsaw known to man by now I reckon.

I am going to play around scalping some Horse racing markets for pennies today, prior to the main bets of the day.

I never do Multiples because only Mugs do Multiples (But hang on I am a Mug!). So with this in mind going to have a cheeky Tenner on the following Treble:

Blackburn to beat West Brom
Jets to beat the Steelers
Bears to beat the Packers

None of the Handicap rubbish on the NFL just straight match bets.

You can either laugh now, or wait until West Brom are 2 up at half time. You'll probably get more satisfaction leaving it until then ;)

Poker going well again, back up to $120 in Full Tilt with a $100 bonus almost completed. Still got $125 worth of Steps Tickets too, but still no Matrix Tourneys available. Starting to get an itchy trigger finger with these tickets now so you may see me spunk them off in MTTs before too much longer.

I'll let you know how I get on with the scalping......................

Edit 15.42 Apparently I can't do the multiple on Betfair, so I am going to have to do it manually. Let's start with £10 on Blackburn and see where we go. BTW Made about £2 on the Horses lol.

Edit 18.20 Ok We've got £23.60 on the Bears. Will I bottle it? Probably. Will I have the opportunity to bottle it? Probably not.


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  2. With pleasure. Good Luck mate.