Saturday, 5 February 2011

Betfair Upgrade

Another classy upgrade from Betfair.

Trying to trade the Golf, then the Main Site goes down, then the API and finally the Iphone Site.

Just wish I had opened a bigger short on their Shares to be honest, this is now getting beyond a joke.

Still apparently it was all planned:

Utter clueless clowns.

No profit due to Infrastructure Investment, feckin muppets.

I'm sure the Virtual Racing is still running though.


That is all.

Have a nice Day.


  1. It's a total joke isn't it?

    Just think if there was some decent competition from a company which really wants to challenge them....ah well, we can but dream.

  2. I'm just flabbergasted to be honest at their complete disregard for their Customers.

    If they don't change soon, they may well disappear as quickly as they came.

    They need some old heads back in the fold ASAP because the current crop just don't get it at all.

    If Betdaq don't jump on this Opportunity I fear we are all screwed and we'll be back at Ladbrokes.

    At least Torres looked good for Chelsea though........... Another W@nker who may just get what he deserves. Nothing. Did make me laugh the way he sloped off earlier. Kenny just completely blanked him.