Thursday, 26 November 2009


What a game of Tennis last night at the O2. Seems strange looking back at it now as Nadal lost in straight sets, but boy does that not tell the story.

All started with a monumental (Even by Betfair standards) drift on Davydenko pre match. Now I would not say I am a Tennis expert by any stretch, tended to just trade/watch Slams until recently, but I don't think anyone who knows anything about Sport is immune to the constant allegations that seem to surround Davy whenever he plays.

Anyway on to the first set and Davy absolutely wipes the floor with Nadal, it was like Man against Boy to be honest. Davy was inspired.

Second Set and things start warming up nicely. Nadal barely hanging on to his serve in the early part, before eventually succombing to the Davy break, it looks like it is over.

One thing about Nadal however is he never knows when he is beaten (Unlike some of the other participants this week). I couldn't believe some of the comments on the Betfair Forum about him to be honest being 'Finished' etc. This is clearly not his best surface but he gives 110%.

Davy flits between looking like he needs an ambulance and man inspired. Great entertainment.

Anyway, Davy eventually wins the 2nd set on the tie break after having served for the match at 6-5 and I manage to lose about £75 in the process. Quite how I am still not sure.

Awesome match though.

On to the football and even though I hate Man United with a passion even I had to back them when they went 1-0 down at home to Besiktas last night. Despite having a poor team on the field, still really fancied them to get back in to it. Cue game ending 1-0 to Besiktas.

Think I am down about £40 on the week at the moment, but as promised I'll update with a full P&L on Sunday.

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