Thursday, 31 December 2009

Darts Review

Well had a decent chance to trade the Darts last night. Luckily for me I didn't get involved in the Football as Arsenal didn't appear to struggle as I predicted.................

On to the Lloyd v Baxter game, never got a chance to trade to be honest, Lloyd was useless in reality and went out without a fight. Shame but these things happen.

Wade v Hamilton was a much better game all round and after many swings backwards and forwards I finished up with the following position which obviously helped............

Fair play to Wade he looks to me like a genuine contender this year, especially as he avoids Taylor until the Final. Thought Hamilton played out of his skin too.

On to Barney v Painter. Started this off with a Lay of Barney as I haven't been impressed with him at all (9 Darter aside). He then proceeds to reel off a 3-0 Set lead with Painter playing like he fancies having a decent New Years Eve this year with his Gorgeous Girlfriend (How old is she? 18?) instead of worrying about a Quarter Final. Who can blame him?

Then something strange happens, Barney seems to hit a brick wall and to be honest I was unsure whether he would even finish the game after Painter came back to 3-1. I was actually quite worried for his health at one point, but it didn't stop me laying him fairly heavy at short odds.

Needless to say in the 5th Set, Painter just reinforced my view above about him wanting to be out of the tournament, as I could have probably put up more of a fight.

Seriously hope Barney recovers for the Quarter's. He looks drained to me.

On to the outright and I have had a little dabble on Stompe @ 70's which I think is just too big. Quarter Final against Webster, then Semi against either the Power or Lewis.

If he beats Webster which I think he will surely he be in to 30's maximum and if by some chance Lewis nails The Power in the meantime what price then? 10's? Got to be a good trade in there somewhere I think.

I am thinking about having a few quid on Wade in the outright too, but to be honest the Wizard scares me - He looked great again yesterday. I'll update if I do.

Anyway Happy New Year to all of you and as is usual I'll update full P&L at the end of the week.


  1. Well done on the darts.Its nice when it comes together like that.
    Have a great 2010 SP

  2. You too Eddy. I enjoy reading your blog and following your progress. You seem to be on a reasonable run at the moment. Keep it up.

  3. Hello, I was wondering if we could exchange links?

    many thanks