Saturday, 2 January 2010

Barney v Whitlock

Have had an awful couple of days, even by my own low standards ;-)

Having a bit of a lump on Barney tonight. Just feel he is the value in this one.

The Wizard has been playing out of his skin up till now and if he comes out in the same form as he did yesterday this bet could go down to the tubes quick. I was on Wade yesterday as you have probably already guessed.

Just think the pressure may get to him a bit tonight and Barney has been there and done it so after opposing him (At some cost) throughout the Tourney, I am lumping on him now.

Reckon we could be on for a decent game here so if there are opportunities to trade I will.

Good luck if you are playing tonight.

Update to follow on the awful week's P&L tomorrow.


  1. You know the answer to that one already.......

    Just caps an awful week to be honest.