Thursday, 17 December 2009

South Africa v England - 1st Test - Centurion (Day 2)

Tea on Day 2.

Still got the draw back going and to be honest can't really find any reason to tinker with it at this stage. Just wish I had put a bit more on.

This match is progressing so slowly, I may not even need the weather to interfere to collect on the Draw.

I am going to wait to see how the pitch is playing when England start batting and if there aren't any early scares I may back England at the prices as this is the only other possible result I can foresee. Certainly may be a trading opportunity.

Barring England collapsing twice while Batting (Certainly not beyond the realms of possibility, but a 2/1 chance? Not for me) I can't see how South Africa win this Test.

What do you all think?

Edit 14.45 Had £20 on England. Hoping for no more wickets this afternoon and a decent scoring rate then will probably trade later.

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