Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Back on the 'Horse'

Hello All

Apologies for the break in posting but to be honest, not really done much on the Punting/Trading for the last 10 days or so.

Still been following the blogs on the left with interest however and it appears for the most part things are going well. All Good.

I've removed my P&L for the moment as to be honest I don't need reminding of my poor performace up till now in 2010. I'll still be posting screen shots when appropriate but my overall P&L is going to remain Private from now on(At least until I am winning) as it is too embarassing and encourages me to chase. I'll let you know when I start paying the Premium Charge but suffice to say it may be a while ;-)

You'll still know when I am winning (If ever) and when I am losing, but I'll keep it to Events as opposed to overall to stop boring people.

You'll think I am mad but if I can get 2.5+ on Liverpool pre kick off, I'm on. Couldn't believe the game last night between City and Unitied - City drifted to 4.1+ pre kick off which I really should have had some of.

I would love to be trading the Aussie Tennis but I need my beauty sleep, been some cracking games already.

Special mention to Stripped1977 who I just know is going to get his loss back and Eddy Dixon who continues to impress with his results. Best wishes to Stephen Maher's Cat also. Oh and 70k, I don't want my lesson to cost the same but fair play you seem to have the Tennis trading sussed.

Good Luck all and let's try and find some winners.



  1. Thanks for the kind comment mate and good to see you blogging.

  2. No problem mate. Good Luck and hope you are feeling better soon.