Monday, 11 January 2010

Week Ending Sunday 10th January 2010 - Shock Therapy

Well what another disaster of a week.

I am on my worst losing run for a long time and it doesn't feel great I can tell you. Must admit it is strangely theraputic writing about it however. I must be a masochist at heart.

Not even going to start analysing each bet and where it went wrong. I'd be here all night.

Chasing, boredom, greening up when I shouldn't, not greening up when I should, not cutting losses - I think I have made every mistake in the book this year.

Thank God things are starting to get back to normal workwise, the only positive I can think of at the moment.

I am in this for the long haul (hopefully) however, but obviously can't keep sustaining these losses week after week.

You'll notice I have changed the P&L section on here to reflect this year only as it means I can easily update it. Will still post changes weekly, but thought it would give me a constant reminder of the low base I am starting with. I have also played a bit of Poker (Only play Sit and Gos and Tournaments) so I am going to post the Sharkscope Graph too so we can see if I improve at that. All can be seen at the bottom of the blog.

I may take a break for a few days before posting/punting again to try and get rid of the negative thoughts, but like riding a bike I'll be back on board soon.

Nice to see some of you other Bloggers doing Ok at the moment, hopefully I'll be with you soon.

At least you can't accuse me of just posting the wins ;-) I can't do that as I would have nothing to write......


  1. Unlucky mate , keep the head up, can I suggest maybe you are involved in too many markets at the same time, I have find in the past that long term it won't work.

    best of luck though

  2. Thanks stripped. Wise words and so true.....

    Good Luck to you too.

  3. Come on SP were are you hiding?

  4. Hey Eddy, hope you are well. Taken my eye off the ball lately and not done much to be honest, what with work and everything. I'll be back on the horse soon though ;-) Good Luck.