Monday, 4 January 2010

South Africa v England - 3rd Test - Newlands (Day 2)

Just a quick one. Laid South Africa earlier in the day, to get this week up and running.

Think they have been under priced since the start but took the plunge when Bell and Collingwood were at the crease. Disappointed with Bell's (What a nothing shot) dismissal especially, but feel that England can add a few more in the morning to hopefully at least gain parity.

To be honest I think South Africa (Who might well win) should be closer to Evens at this point in time, so as usual I am letting the lay ride rather than Greening up for pennies.

Would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone with a view on this one. I personally think SA will trade 3.0+ at some point over the next couple of days.


  1. How much do you reckon England can chase down? I was just thinking, I'd be getting nervy at 230ish or so..

  2. Bad morning so far.

    Think I would be confident up to about 250, but from there I am not so sure.

    Personally I think SA would be 1.4ish with a 300 lead so looks like the market is giving them that already.

    The annoying thing is there is no time pressure for SA here (who need a result) so looks like the draw Green is of no use.

    Must admit I am thinking of bailing this position at the moment.

    Good Luck.