Wednesday, 6 January 2010

South Africa v England - 3rd Test - Newlands (Day 4)

Well they weren't joking about the snow....... Reckon we have had the best part of 20cm overnight with more to come apparently.

On to the cricket and I've lost Sky which is a pain, will get outside with a brush at some point to clear the dish.

Still running the same position as last night and feel SA have missed a bit of a trick this morning. I still stand by them needing a 475+ lead before declaring and this may take them until Tea to get the way they are going.

They can't take the risk of anything less with KP about. Imagine the headlines.

If they come out and play a bit of 20/20 after lunch and get the scoring moving, I am going to red the position.  If they leave England only 4 sessions to negotiate I will re-evaluate dependant to the prices.

Good Luck all and where is that brush?

Edit 11.55

Well the brush was no use, bloody snow.

England need 466 in 4 1/2 sessions. hmmmmm................ RRR of 3.4ish if you factor in probable lost overs. Tough call this now. Obviously not been watching as no sky, but pitch doesn't appear to be doing that much. If England see off the new ball this SA price is going to rocket. Undecided as to what to do.

Edit 13.20 Tea

Laid the draw during that session as I think it is too short. For the draw to come in much more England will need to not lose wickets and if they don't they are going to be much shorter than 12/1 come the end of the day. So I have reduced my exposure on SA at the same time.

Edit 14.56

Backed South Africa, just thought they were getting too big.

Nice timing for a change, Cook goes........................

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