Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cricket Update

Done a bit of Trading during this morning's action. Not much as didn't really have time.

Anyway the upshot is I am now level the draw with the largest Green on Australia, who to be honest I quite fancy from here. With a decent Bowling Attack I'd fancy them even more.

Should be an interesting day tomorrow.

Got a couple of $50 STT Tickets in my Account so am going to use them tonight to see if we can get at least a cash to boost the bank a bit.

It'll ruin my stats on Sharkscope if I don't win as they will assume I am paying for the buy in, but who cares, it'll give me another target to aim for to get back to break even.

As an aside I am going to opening a PokerStars Account in the next couple of days if any one out there is an affiliate and fancies sharing the bounty?

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