Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oh Well...........

Well India won the Cricket really comfortably as it turned out. Well done to them. My concerns over the Aussie Bowling attack were realised. Roll on the Ashes.

I managed to turn a good position in to a losing one like a Numpty, primarily by backing my judgement that the Aussies would prevail. Basically I went for the big win on them and left a £7 red on India. Never mind no real harm done.

As to the Football last night, what a nightmare. Wasn't even going to watch it, because to be honest I am getting bored of it.

But no, what do I do? Decide to switch on for the Second Half. Obviously can't watch it without a bet so layed 0-0 at half time. The rest as they say is history.

Lost both $50 Poker tickets last night too, so my Sharkscope Graph looks like it has fallen off a cliff. Lucky for me I didn't pay for the tickets eh...........

Checked earlier and I am still about £100 up for the month so it's not all bad and I can't really find much to chase on tonight so it looks like it will be Poker instead.

BTW Mr John Tuohy aka The Gambler, I have tried ringing you twice now, Have you tried turning your Mobile on? ;)


  1. Hi- Great blog and one that I’ve followed for a while. I’ve set my own up at and it would be greatly appreciated if you could add mine to your blogroll. I’ve deliberately waited a while before sending this request so that I can show you I’m not a “flash in the pan” blogger”! If you let me know what you’d like me to put in the info section (that comes up when someone “hovers”) then I will gladly sort that as well.

  2. Done Mate. I'll be following.

    Good Luck.