Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I know I said it was going to be slow.................

But I didn't realise how slow to be honest.

Had a couple of small bets as you wll see but nothing major. Just really getting used to using Bet Angel and Betdaq to be honest.

The Jags aren't supposed to win in December are they? Well they do when I back against them.

I've also got some bets in place on some longer term markets, mainly around Liverpool to finish Top 4. Have you seen their upcoming fixtures? With Torres and Gerard back I can see them putting a bit of a run together myself and most of the Big Boys are playing each other over the same period. Might be good for a trade in any case.

Also had a silly Tenner on Curbishley to be the next Toon Boss. Looks like that is going down the pan. Why do I listen to silly rumours? BTW What a farce of a club, Mike Ashley needs shooting IMO where does he think the new Manager is going to take them? Top 4? Back to the Championship is my guess.

I'm still working on putting together some ratings on the Football - Hopefully this will be ready to go from January.

On the Poker front I have been putting in some hours on Rush to clear a couple of bonuses etc and it's not been going badly:

I seem to have adjusted to the nitty nature of the game. I guess time will tell whether it is sustainable or not.

Want to play some more STT and MTT's this month too.

Not missing Betfair at all yet but it's early days.........................

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