Wednesday, 1 December 2010

November Review and Goodbye Betfair

Well first off what a result for England in the First Test - Didn't look likely with a couple of days to go, but what momentum it gives them going in to the rest of the Series. Should be compulsive viewing for those that like the late nights. I'll stick to the Highlights I reckon - Means I won't get to see much of Mitchell Johnson but they are the breaks.................

Looks like a revamped Attack (in the loosest sense of the word) in any case for the Aussies in Adelaide, starting to panic a bit do you think? Love it.

Anyway back to November and what a dire month it was on the Sports Betting front as you can see below:

Made the mistake of listening to some Horse Racing Tipsters and overstaking to boot on them - still not to worry a lesson learned and not to be repeated. If you can't back your own judgement then who can you back?

Anyway on to December and things are going to be changing around these parts, the first thing is I am no longer going to be using Betfair in any shape or form.

After using them for the best part of 7 years the time has come to say 'Goodbye'. There are a number of reasons for this (mainly I have lost all faith in them) but the main ones are listed below:

Betfair Poker - Absolute disgrace of an operation. Struggle to operate any Promotion without it going wrong as can be seen from their own Forum. When things do go wrong - no ownership of a problem, just a cavalier attitude that smells of 'We couldn't give a damn'

Betfair Casino - Don't use it myself but more examples of 'piss up and brewery' in this link:

I am still not convinced about the long term prospects for them, their Sports Book is excellent. but the rest of it is a shambles to be honest. The shares have already begun their inevitable dive from a frankly ridiculous valuation and while they continue to treat their customers with contempt I think the ones that remain are going to see additional charges introduced in the short term. (Obvioulsy this is IMHO).

It does however mean I won't be using the excellent Geeks Toy any more, but for any that do use Betfair I don't apologise for giving them another plug. The guy who runs it and the software itself are First Class (Any chance of a version for Betdaq?)

Personally I am going to be using Betdaq for the next three months to see how I get on, I know the liquidity is not the same as Betfair, but on the majority of markets I get involved with there is not really much difference.

I am also going to trial Bet Angel Professional for Betdaq.

December is probably going to be quiet for me, but inspired by Mark Iverson and also Talkbet I am going to put some work in to Automating some thoughts I have had around trading some of the Football.

On to the Poker and one of the best things I have done is move To Full Tilt from Betfair. I'm still rubbish but getting better slowly......................

Good Luck All.


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