Thursday, 6 January 2011

On the brink?

Well let's start with the positive - English Cricket.

Always thought they had a big chance this time round in Australia but the ease in which they seem to have dimantled the Aussies has shocked everyone. Well Done Boys! Even after saying earlier in the Blog I was going to have a Punt on it, of course I didn't, so with my record - Maybe they have me to Thank too in no small part :)

RIP Australian Cricket. Ricky it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

On to Liverpool Football Club.

WTF is going on here? First it was Rafa's fault, then the Old Yanks, now it appears it is all down to Roy Hodgson.

Let me get one thing straight I like Roy Hodgson a lot, personally I think he is a Great Manager and an even better person. Given time with the overpaid knobs who take the field week in week out he could be successful.

Is he going to get the time? Of course not. Who the hell do they bring in next? Rafa seems to be available.

It's about time the Players stood up to be counted. I don't care if they like Roy or not, they are paid vast amounts of money to perform and at the moment they just aren't doing it. Why is it the Manager who get's sacked, can't we sack some of the Players first?

Fooking depressing to be honest. Especially with the Scum playing like shite and still getting results every week.

I blame myself in no small part for Liverpool's problems as I backed them for Top 4 not so long back.

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