Monday, 31 January 2011


Ok, I give up with the Football now, it's just gone silly.

Well Liverpool Football Club has anyway.

£35 Million for Andy Carroll. Feck me, I think Newcastle saw us coming a mile away. For a while I believed we were going to pay £14 Million for Charlie Adam too...........

For Christ's sake Carroll's not even fit. Even when he is, he's a PR Liability. Comoli, your powers of negotiation know no bounds.

I'm sure King Kenny knows what he is doing, but I just can't have today at all.

Looks like Nando has gone from Hero to the Player who broke the club. Fair play to him though, he should have left ages ago. Obviously knew what was going on which is why he's actually put in some effort recently. Still a quality player though.

OMG I can't even type - It's just so embarrassing.



  1. And to think people accuse Man City of overpaying. Christ, you've been mugged! He's worth £10m AT THE ABSOLUTE MOST.

  2. 'Mugged' is so true......... Could maybe understand £20m because of the potential but £35m OMG!