Tuesday, 1 February 2011

On Reflection

Well, had 24 hours or so to digest the events of yesterday.

I think most of my frustration was linked to the fact that I always saw Torres as an example of what I thought was good about Football. Yes he was a Liverpool player so you would expect a certain amount of rose coloured specs, but he always seemed loyal and not as much of a pr1ck as the rest of them can be.

Since joining Chelsea I've already seen in his interviews that maybe this was misguided and while I still wish him well, it's probably for the best he has gone. One thing that is for sure - Does anyone have a forward line with more propensity to sulk than Chelsea now? Drogba, Anelka and Torres - Blimey that could get interesting. Could have been worse, he could have gone to Howard Webb's Team.

On to the future, Andy Carroll and Luis Suarez. Too much money for Carroll? Yes. Potentially though could be like going back to the 80's and 90's and getting back to the roots. You can certainly see what King Kenny is thinking. Quite exciting actually.

Chelsea v Liverpool on Sunday should be worth watching. Although maybe from behind the sofa if you are a Liverpool fan.

Anyhow Betfair balance at a massive £35 (probably not after tonight!), Full Tilt @ $165 (Cleared that bonus), and the short on Betfair Shares still in place.

Onwards and upwards eh!

If I get involved in anything tonight I'll Tweet so you know what to avoid.

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