Monday, 14 February 2011

Weekend Punting

Well back down to earth with a bit of a bump this weekend.

Had a really nice position going in to Sunday's Final round in Dubai, but unfortunately for me laid Mr Quiros before taking the kids out 10 Pin Bowling on Sunday Morning. Thought all would be well as I had my trusty iPhone on hand if any more trading was required.

Would have worked a treat if I could have got a strong enough signal to be able to connect to Betfair................... Most frustrating thing was I could connect to the European Tour site for score updates but could I get on to Betfair? No fecking chance. Worst thing is for once I can't even blame them lol

What should have been a £50 win turned in to a loss of about £30. Oh well Kids and Gambling don't mix, you'd think I would know that by now.

Got a most of that back by Trading the US Golf last night. Backed D.A Points prior to his last round and then traded a bit throughout. Made the mistake in the end by loading most of the Green on Hunter Mahan just before he missed the Birdie putt on 18 - but a win is better than a loss all the same.

Had Birmingham to beat Stoke on Saturday, which was a fortunate win. But laid Bolton at Half Time v Everton yesterday which was no good. In between I had backed the draw between QPR and Forest, but traded out after the sending off and Forest equalising. Should have let that one ride for sure.

The real killer yesterday was the rugby (both codes), backed Salford at half time (They looked useless), Bradford pre match and didn't trade out and Ireland to beat France. Apart from Salford the other two were sickeners.

I think most of the bets yeterday were down to me being tilted by losing on the Golf in Dubai after being in such a good position, buy we can't all be experts can we?

Anyway the Account is down in danger territory again after the withdrawals, so I have lumped the Balance (Well £36 to be precise)on Chelsea tonight. If they go down (and half of me hopes they do) Looks like I'll have to reload yet again.

I know it is all about ups and downs (especially when you are a clown like me) but maybe fewer events and a bit more of a strategy might not go amiss.

Maybe I'll save that for the next Bank..........

Until next time, which may be a while if Chelsea lose, Good Luck ;)


  1. Wouldn't you be better off laying Chelsea? Their away form isn't great, or maybe back Fulham +1 on the handicaps.

  2. Probably right mate, but I just think they are a big price tonight.

    Quite fancy them if truth be told.

    Guess we'll find out later.

    Good Luck