Saturday, 19 February 2011


Ok I know you have all been missing me (If anyone is still there?)

Decided to load up a whole £25 in to Betfair to see what damage I can do this afternoon.

The target is to not have £0.00 left by 14.00.

Poker's going well still, decided to have a go in a Sateliite last night with one of my Step 4 Tickets and low and behold managed to cash for a $256 Ticket. Obviously that's been converted in to Cash as I don't think I would be able to breathe playing a Tourney that size :)

Now if I could just stop spunking money on Rush I'd be laughing. 5NL was kind to me, but 10NL is killing me at the moment.

Betfair short still in place although I must confess i am thinking about closing it soon as the Shares don't seem to be going anywhere at the moment and it's getting very boring. Although if they keep bringing in random shit upgrades I must admit I may be tempted to keep it open.

Actually Results are due soon, 8th March I think, so I may keep it open for a bit longer. I can't see any way for these Results to be impressive.

Right then let's get started...........................

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