Thursday, 3 March 2011

Cliff Notes

Poker - Going well at 6 max Rush 10NL. Played almost 30k hands at a decent profit with rakeback (Graph to follow when I can be bothered)


Rooney v Wigan - How does he stay on the pitch and avoid any sanctions?

Ashley Cole in general - What is there left to say? Just a Dick of the highest order. Air Rifle? Training Ground? Are they out of control?

Chelsea v Man United - Did Fergie see the game against Wigan? Obviously not. What goes around comes around. Can Liverpool do them Sunday - God I hope so.

Is Vidic a walking Red Card? Yep............

Has Torres played yet?


India v England - Wow!

England v Ireland - WOW! - Kevin O'Brien take a bow son. How much @ 1.01? Hope it wasn't your money.

Betting wise as you may have seen from Twitter? Deposited £25 to Lay Man United @ 1.82 at Half Time. Withdrew said £25 and am now playing with the winnings. Up to £40 at the moment. Again screen shots to follow in due course. Aftertime? Me?

Betfair down yet again today and the Poker on there is now offically dead. However I have closed my Short for a Hundred odd quid, because I really can't be bothered to follow them any more.

Just lastly, but far be it from me to pass Judgement (and I know we have all had the begging emails etc) but ffs Mr O'Dwyer just sort your shit out please.........

Have I missed anything? Yep. Roll on Cheltenham................................

Back soonish.


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  1. Just beat them on Sunday. That will put me in a really good mood for my trip to Barca on Tuesday. Oh, and LAY LAY LAY Barca (miles too short!)

    Well done on recent results.