Thursday, 24 February 2011


Well still no funds in Betfair, it's actually been quite theraputic not having a bet.

Poker still OK, I've got a bit hooked on the Sats now and it's been going well. If you are bothered have a look on Sharkscope (Can't be arsed with a screenshot)  but won a couple of hundred more Dollars since the last update.

Also changed strategy on the Rush to 6 Max and so far that seems to paying dividends.

Balance up to over $300 now and I am raking for England, so all is good.

Just a quick thought for all you other Bloggers out there. I've been reading as I always do, and with very few excpetions it's like one big aftertimers convention. 'Can't believe x was y price', fook me we can all do that. Apart from Eddy, Mully and a few others everyone seems to be an expert after the event - Does anyone flag anything up at the time anymore?

BTW I backed Liverpool with 10 minutes to go tonight for a Grand, won me a small fortune it did.

Betfair Shares look like they are teetering on the edge to me now, I want to close the Short, but I can't bring myself to do it........ Watch this space! I'll try to let you know when I do rather than 10 Days aferwards.

Anyhow onwards and upwards, I think.

Come on let's have some more 'Pre-Event talk' rather than look at me I'm great after the event. Surely that is what it is all about.

Good Luck All and if anything goes 1.01 tomorrow and loses I'll have laid it.................


  1. No aftertiming here when I said Arsenal were one of the best bets ever seen at over 3/1 to beat Barca ;)

  2. We should organise an "Aftertimers Convention". Could make a real killing from the ticket sales? ;-)

  3. Only problem is I'm not even very good at Aftertiming........... :) Ticket please.