Thursday, 2 June 2011

May Review and Full Tilt Challenge

Firstly May in a nutshell:

Not bad for me, still work to do, but a decent profit even allowing for the £50 I did on Betdaq in the month (Would have posted a screenshot of that but couldn't find an easy way of doing it without listing all of the markets and that would have been a Blog of it's own)


Barca stuff the Mancs (Superb!) although Fergie's humility after the Game kind of ruined it for me.

Swansea stuff Reading (Ok not technically stuff, but they deserved to win it. What price to come back down next year? 1.2?)

England beat Sri Lanka in the First Test (Quite frustrating because I quite fancied the lay of the draw @ 1.01 in the morning thinking it may be a trade but as usual didn't do it)

Sepp Blatter gets another 4 years (The only 4 years he should get is behind bars imo)

Scholes retires (Obviously not a Man U fan but after the Giggs debacle, the only Man U Player who I had any time for. Good Luck to him, a model pro imo, and there aren't many of them about any more!)

I tend to post a lot of my thoughts on Twitter now rather than on here because it's easier and going forward I am probably going to do that more than Blog. Word of warning if you do follow though for god's sake ignore any Horses I might post up, because I don't think I have posted a winner yet. Strangely enough if I don't post them they seem to run better as you can see in the P&L above.

Right then on to Full Tilt. No idea what is going on there at the moment but I have decided to withdraw my roll, leaving me in the position you see below:

How far do think I can get from here? I'll not be depositing any more on FTP (Going to open Pokerstars soon) but using FTPs and Iron Man medals I have probably got access to $125 in Tourney/Rush Tickets.

The goal is to achieve the mid year bonus, clear it and then withdraw whatever is left.

I'll keep you updated. The spread I am putting on myself is 7-9 June before Busto but we'll see.

As tweeted yesterday, I'll be doing another piece On Betfair shortly and in all probability putting another short in place prior to their FY Results at the end of the month.

Can you believe they have now got a Manchester United Casino Game? WTF?

Although reading this Customer Commitment it would appear they are now coming around to the fact that their business is falling off a cliff in any case.

Good Luck SP


  1. Congrats on your results for May. Well done.

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