Monday, 29 August 2011

Bloody Sunday

Well after much work on my personal Football ratings I decided yesterday was the first time to put them in to action (Good choice there then, seeing as my ratings are based on Value!)

First Up and we have a Spurs back at 2/1. I was impressed with this as to be honest I fancied it myself (which with hindsight is obviously a fatal flaw in the process)

Result: Spurs 1-5 Man City. We are off to a flyer.

Secondly we have a lay of Newcastle at home to Fulham. I had them closer to 6/4 here so had to lay at the price.

Result: Newcastle 2-1 Fulham. Hmmm, early days and the big one still to come.

Lastly Arsenal. I had them down as a Back at 7/1. To be honest I was feeling quite smug when with a bit of patience and awful team news I managed to hit the Back Button at 9.4. Being a bit of a Mug though (A Bit?) I decided to lay Man United too knowing I'd be gutted if it ended a draw.

It all started so well for the first 20 minutes 0-0 and this is going to be the big one........... Then Man United go 1-0 up and oh well there is a long time to go! Arsenal Penalty! (It would have been so different if they had scored this as it could have ended 8-3) Feck me I am no Arsenal Fan but even I am feeling for Wenger at the moment.

I've only got myself to blame really, as I could have easily traded out for a 99% loss on both the Spurs and Man United games............

Was also cooking a lovely Barbecue in the second half of the Man United - Arsenal game during one of the heavier showers of the afternoon........... All I can say is if you have never had Watered Chicken before give it a try (Kids weren't too keen for some reason!)

Earlier in the day got a decent trade on Jensen Button in the F1, but lost most of the green laying Vettel. Mug!

Only positive was a lay of Mark Foster in the Golf. Unfortunately for him he is becoming a bit of a licence to print money laying at short prices, which kind of saved the day somewhat.

I'll save the disaster that is Poker for the next Post, but safe to say it hasn't been going well......

If you want to purchase my Football Ratings then visit where they are available for a monthly subscription of £250. Unfortunately due to previous timewasters there are no Satisfaction Gurantees.

Bit of upside though my each way bet on Plymouth in Division 2 is looking promising as they went bottom of the table on Saturday........................

Justn lastly while I remember Betfred are offering 5/4 that the Manchester Clubs finish first and second in the Premiership - Even as a Mug I can see this is an awful bet after 3 games of the season, who the feck actually takes advantage of these 'Specials'?


  1. If it is any consolation I probably had a worse weekend than you did

  2. We seem to have a theme going here Mr Wilcat :)