Thursday, 4 August 2011

General Update

Long time no speak.......... To be honest I haven't really had much to say for a change but there you go.


On the Poker front things have been going OK, been playing exclusively on Stars and despite problems adjusting to their Software initially I now feel I am settling in nicely.

Mainly been playing 10NL without setting the world alight, but mixed in some STTs just for a bit of variety.

I'm running a few buy ins under EV at the moment, but isn't everybody? Also 7500 hands in month is not exactly a big sample. (God I miss Rush Poker, but Full Tilt you can get fecked to be honest, just pay me back my $130 first)

Luckily Stars are doing a promo this month which means even small fish like me can make Platinum Star so should be able to get a few FPPs between now and the end of September. I think Supernova can wait for a bit though :)

I've withdrawn my initial deposit so I'll just see how far I can spin up the $250 left in my account ($100 courtesy of Pokersource)


On to the sinking ship that is Betfair, not a lot to say really other than they won't be cash rich for long if they keep chucking money at buying their own shares. I'm sure if they really believed the Shares were undervalued they would be buying more than 50k a day. In fact this week on Monday and Tuesday they only bought 40k a day - Are they saving their money for when they reach £4 each?

Will be interesting to see what happens when the lock out period ends in October. Will Andrew Black start dumping his holding? If he does then they are truly finished.

I did actually wonder for a time if Betfair where the potential European Investor for Full Tilt? Would make sense as a way as thier current Poker offering is dire, but surely even they wouldn't be that stupid?


Not been doing as much of this as I used to  but still like having a go on the Golf mainly, got out of a baddish position last week by laying Richard Green at the right time in Europe, but then had an idiot moment by backing Anthony Kim in the States.

On to the Bridgestone this week and I have chucked a few quid at the following list of players:

Tiger Woods

(Stupid I know but if he is a couple under on the front nine he'll probably trade at about 5/1 I would think.)

Lee Westwood
Dustin Johnson
Luke Donald
Zach Johnson

Still trying to get matched on:

Hunter Mahan
Adam Scott
Robert Karlsson
Alvaro Quiros

As ever I'll be trading this throughout the weekend so I'll try to update how it is all going.

Can't wait for the return of the Football. At the moment I think my main bet is going to be a lay of Man United for the Premiership, but I'll leave that post for another day.


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