Friday, 9 September 2011

Premiership 10-12th September

Thought I would publish some thoughts about the Premiership games this weekend along with some stats seeing as though yet again I am not in the Pub :(

First off my Form Table for this season. Obviously it's very early days so you can take some of these ratings with a pinch of salt but it is how I see it so far........

The following table is how I see results from August 2007, using the formula I have chosen to adopt (Again bear in mind Swansea, Norwich and QPR ratings are using a fraction of the data of everyone else so are unreliable in this table)

To be perfectly honest, I am struggling to find any value at all in this weekend's fixtures. A lot of people keeping saying Villa away at Everton, but not so sure I agree.

Apart from the Arsenal-Swansea and Man City-Wigan games, I can see a lot of draws.

A couple of stats that may be of interest to some:

Man United have conceded an average of 11 shots on Target by their opponents in the first three games this season. Their average since August 2007 is closer to 5. Defense not as strong?

Stoke (Home) average the fewest shots on target of anyone else in the Premiership since August 2007, Liverpool (Away) concede the fewest shots on Target when away from home (This surprised me)................

If I find any bets I am going to place I'll tweet them, but at the moment the only thing that attracts me is Newcastle's price at QPR on Monday. Sure I'll be involved before then though............... Actually Man United look too short aswell.

By next week I hope to have my own tissue prices in place so this process should be an awful lot easier and more productive.

Good Luck


PS Scary start with the Betfair short, I placed it and the price went up about 3% more or less straight away. Could be one hell of a ride.


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