Thursday, 29 September 2011


Well, sorry not been around much this month, but things are changing in the Sports Punter household at the moment and I've not really had a chance to keep this Blog up to date. Hopefully things are going to settle down in the next week or so and we can get back to normal.

Not going to bore everyone to tears with Betfair today, I think they are doing a good enough job of creating themselves a load of bad publicity without any help from me. Has there ever been a Company who have gone from being so loved to so reviled in such a short space of time?

Poker is going shit on the Cash Tables (If I can't beat 10NL I'm not sure there is any hope for me!) but Ok on the STT side. My time in the spotlight as a Platinum Star on Stars is almost over and I'm back to Silver Star from October 1.

I'll do an update when September has finished, but don't hold your breath it's not pretty. 

At the moment I don't trust any site enough to have more than £100 on there, so my roll is in the process of being spread out over a couple of diiferent sites (Both Poker and Betting) and we'll see how we go in October.

Tried opening a Party Poker Account through Pokernews for a free $50 but they appear to want me to post a picture holding my Passport (with the numbers showing) before approving it as they think my application is fraudulent and I am not a real person. Obviously they can Feck off. It's not like I tried to open it in the name of Sports Punter, otherwise I could understand it.

Edit 17.30 Ignore the above paragraph, not sure if someone reads the Blog, but apprently I have now been accepted without giving them my life history........... Party Poker say hello to another Fish!

Did open a Euro Poker Account for a free $20 however with no problems, so I'll do that in over the weekend I am sure.

From October, I want to get myself back in to Trading more than Gambling so I can lose money slower. You'll probably see a return to screen shots when something Good (Or Bad) happens and a running total of progress. I'll be starting with £100 from Saturday and I'll see where that takes me...... (Reload Sunday morning anyone?)

The Football ratings are still a work in progress as I haven't had a chance to develop them at all. Hopefully that will be done soon.

One Day Rodney!



  1. I haven't played much poker either this month, but that is entirely down to the new addition to my home :D

    As regards trading, I would simply advise trying to put up wrong prices in play and see if they get accepted, it's harder than it used to be but by no means impossible.

    Looking forward to seeing your rating and an explanation of how it works, if you are sure it won't affect the prices ;)

    PS, Plymouth are off and running :P

  2. Very cute she is too. Nice one.

    With regards to my ratings I have had Ladbrokes on the phone asking if they can use them to form their Tissue. Obviously told them to feck off ;) (Actually they were more begging me to use my Account as apparently Mugs liike me don't come round all that often)

    Up the Pilgrims. I've got a good feeling for the rest of the season................. It was E/W 20 places wasn't it?

  3. Get urself on Poker Encore m8, its honestly pretty good ;) gimme a ding and ill sort ya a gd deal