Friday, 27 November 2009

SA v England 3rd ODI

Just thought I would put a quick post up highlighting what I think is a decent bit of value.

Will probably trade the game later, but wanted to lay SA pre toss, because I think if England win the toss here SA's price will move out about 20/30 ticks, whereas if SA win the toss I think the odds move may be negligible.

I guess we'll find out at about 12-00...................

Edit at 12.06, that could have gone better, but think I will leave the lay up in the hope of a couple of early wickets. Ready to take a loss though if they get off to a flier.


  1. Done it plenty of times. You put the time and effort into coming up with a sensible and well thought out strategy, and then the punting gods just kick you in the nuts. Better luck next time.