Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Golf and other stuff

Well never did manage to dig myself out of the hole on the USPGA, but managed to keep under my Max Loss of £100, so I guess every cloud etc etc.

Luke Donald looked at one point like he may come through for me, but it wasn't to be.

Managed to not have a bet in The Premiership over the weekend which was good (especially when you look at the results!)

As alluded to on Twitter though I have laid Man United for the Premiership (At 2.84 I think fml) and will be adding to this in due course especially if their price comes in much more........... We've only had one game for god's sake and you would hardly say De Gea has stepped in to VDS's shoes quite yet. In fact he looks like a nervous wreck to me at the moment.

I've also got a bet on Plymouth E/W in Division 2, but after their 4-1 Home mauling at the weekend, the less said about that the better. I blame you Mr Wildcat ;)

Luckily it appears The Geek will not be selling out to Betfair either in the near future. Full Kudos to him for getting the most out of the situation. I'd love to put a Banner to his site on the Blog, but can't fully endorse a product that purely allows you to deal with the Devil that is Betfair. Mind you having said all that I am back on Betfair in part, mainly because I can't get on with Bet Angel or anything else that isn't The Toy. Also I am nowhere near paying 20% let alone 60%.

All the speculation that was rife at the time was obviously spread by Idiots. Yep you have guessed it, me.

Continuing to do quite well on Stars at the moment, but I'll update that at the end of the month as it could all change and probably will.

Still nothing from the Full Tilt Wankers. No surprise there then.

Till next time


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